ECO Cladding Alpha ECI slab-to-slab C.I System Vectra Bank Corporate Center Denver, Colorado

Installation for the new Vectra Bank Corporate Center development in Denver, Colorado is underway and we are pleased that our ECI slab-to-slab subframing solution has been selected to support the exterior ACM facade on this project. This three-year, multi-million-dollar project represents a significant real estate investment in South Denver during an uncertain and challenging time globally.

Alpha Wall Brackets for Geometric Complex Installation at the Behavioral Science Center UT Houston

We're pleased to announce the completion of the exterior facade of the University of Texas Houston's new Behavioral Sciences Center, complete with a complex, angular fiber cement feature detail. Using ECO Cladding's Alpha Wall Brackets, the uniquely inset and fabricated fiber cement feature was installed at angles that could only be accomplished using a variable-depth bracket assembly.

Anonymous Hall ECO Cladding Subframing Systems for Terracotta Cladding

ECO Cladding is excited to have Dartmouth College's Anonymous Hall Faculty and Graduate Student Center's net-zero renovation transformation featured in the July issue of Metal Construction News

Wall Brackets provide greater installation efficiency as compared to Z girts

With all the code changes and requirements for Continuous Insulation (c.i.) on Light Gauge Metal Framing (LGMF), Z girts have proven to be challenging to seal for water/airtightness. We provide the next-generation solution!

Alpha E Wall Brackets for Floor to Floor Spanning at Capital One's Campus in Fairfax, VA

ECO Cladding is pleased to be part of Capital One's 25-year masterplan development project, providing an engineered floor to floor solution for the Block C phase of construction. Our engineered Alpha E Wall Brackets form the key building block for the exterior fiber concrete (UHPC) rainscreen for the Block C podium and tower of this large-scale development in Tysons Corner, VA.

ECO Alpha Wall Brackets Prevent Air Bariier Breach Figure Detail

Over time, the effective seal of the screw attachment or breach of the air barrier is a major concern for wall performance in a drained and back-ventilated rainscreen assembly. Alpha Wall Brackets allow for fewer penetrations into the air barrier.

ECO Cladding Alpha Wall Brackets - Fairfield County Library Installation Time-lapse

The new Virginia-based Fairfield Area Library is a community focal point, a center for learning and opportunity. ECO Cladding provided Alpha Vci.150 Wall Brackets for the ACM Panel scope of the installation.

ECO Cladding Vci.40 Concealed Subframing Fiber Cement Joint Health Science Center

The Philadelphia-based design team at HOK Architects selected the Alpha Vci.40 concealed anchor subframing system for the striking installation of Swisspearl fiber cement panels for the new Joint Health Science Center in Camden, NJ.  Going vertical with the large format fiber cement cladding panels was both effortless and installation-efficient with the Vci.40 horizontal rail system with undercut anchors.

As rainscreen cladding took hold in the US design market, Z girts have proven to be challenging to seal for water/airtightness and are very inefficient thermally. Although commonly utilized due largely to budgetary constraints, the structural and load challenges, thermal inefficiencies, unnecessary breaches to the weather barrier, and fundamental installation inefficiencies of the Z girt approach are increasingly dating and disproving this approach for long-term rainscreen assembly performance.

King of Prussia ECO Cladding Alpha Vci.10 System for ACM Panels

Designed by CallisonRTKL, the largest enclosed shopping center in the United States is complete with an Alpha Vci.10 System for ACM panel.  Declared the “Gold Winner for Renovations” – for retail projects over 500,000 SF in total retail space in 2019, this complex install benefited from the built-in adjustability of ECO Cladding's flexible Alpha wall brackets.