Stone Rainscreen Sub-framing
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Material Overview:

Stone rainscreens are increasingly more in popular for drained and back-ventilated rainscreen applications. Using various quarries, stone panels are installed with either concealed systems or with exposed clip systems.  All types of stones in varying sizes and finishes are being used to create dramatic, high performance rainscreen facades.  Anchor systems can be engineered to ensure the appropriate pullout strengths once stone thickness are determined.

Design Considerations:

The local quarry is best at determining what size panels and thicknesses are available.  ECO Cladding can then work to develop the appropriate attachment system for the project.

Trinity School - New York, NY

ECO Cladding’s versatile systems are ideal for the complexities of retrofit and renovation projects. Rogers Partners has been working continuously with the Trinity School to coordinate a complicated renovation and expansion for this independent K-12 school on New York’s Upper West Side of Manhattan.

For this project, the design team selected two ECO Cladding subframing systems to serve as the engineered backbone for natural slate and IPE wood rainscreen facades. The need to integrate two different rainscreen materials on the same elevations seamlessly led the design team to selected ECO Cladding’s built-in system adjustability. An adjustable Hci.14 system was utilized to focus on the thermal performance of the exterior envelope, meeting the design team’s requirements. ECO Cladding systems are ideal for retrofit and renovation projects, given their ability to address c.i. requirements and also accommodate out-of-plumb wall conditions without sacrificing air barrier performance.

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Lowell Justice Center - Lowell, MA

Designed by Finegold Alexander Architects, Designed by Finegold Alexander Architects, the project was the largest of three pilot studies for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM)s ZNE initiatives. The courthouse is designed to use 40% less energy than code requires. The natural stone rainscreen exterior envelope helped to contribute to this goal.

Featured in Green Building & Design Magazine, Lowell now has the honor of being the first new construction, state courthouse in the country to achieve LEED® Platinumcertification. ECO Cladding’s Vci.25 subframing system was utilized for the stone rainscreen facade, as an engineered c.i. focused subframing system was essential for this energy-efficient design. Installed by the team at Total Wall Systems, the ability for the Vci.25’s concealed anchoring system to meet the dead load requirements of the natural stone panels was also a key factor in the installation.

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Tompkins Financial Corporation Headquarters - Ithaca, NY

Tompkins Financial’s 7-story headquarters in the heart of Ithaca was designed by HOLT Architects. The 110,000sf office building brings 300 employees from multiple locations together under one roof. The design team sought to blend the traditional aesthetic of historic bank buildings with the modern structures of Ithaca’s downtown.  

ECO Cladding’s concealed Vci.41 aluminum subframing was used for the main elevation’s natural stone facade. The engineered ECO Cladding System was designed to handle the weight of the large stone slabs while providing the installation crew over 1.5” of on-site adjustability in order to accommodate both substrate tolerances and also integrate seamlessly with the traditional brick masonry facade and glazing. 


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Reading Healthplex - West Reading, PA

ECO Cladding is pleased to have worked closely with the design team at Ballinger Architects for the next phase of Tower Health’s long-range master plan for the Reading Hospital campus. The design consolidates campus-wide surgical services, expands emergency medicine, and adds 150 new private patient rooms to the urban institution. The five-story patient tower rises using a brick facade but the design team selected ECO Cladding’s concealed Vci.44 subframing system for the building’s natural stone rainscreen base.  The engineered Vci.44 System was designed to handle the weight of the large stone slabs while providing the installation crew over 1.5” of on-site adjustability in order to accommodate for elevation tolerances and the various wall systems and facade materials. 

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Cornell University Health Center - Ithaca, NY

Designed by Chiang O'Brien Architects, the Cornell University Health Service Facility required a full renovation of an existing building with a complementary addition aimed to relieve the programmatic pressures and overcrowded conditions for staff and patients. The prominence of the site at the south end of Ho Plaza, one of the main entrances to campus, required a thoughtful and respectful solution in its massing and materiality approach. The building's envelope is a modern response to the existing bluestone clad structures adjacent to the site.

ECO Cladding's Vci.40 engineered attachment system allowed for the building's heavy bluestone base and transitions into a curtain wall of transparent glass and glass shadowboxes. The metal composite panels imitate the character, coloration, and pattern of the native bluestone. The Vci.40 subframing system allowed the building’s physical appearance to be completely transformed, and the new facilities greatly enhance the university’s ability to provide the highest level of care.

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Center for Missouri Studies - Columbia MO

The State Historical Society of Missouri has a new home in the newly completed Center for Missouri Studies in Columbia, Missouri, designed by Barker Nestor Architecture and Design.

The center incorporates materials from different areas in Missouri including a dimensional limestone facade which is attached with ECO Cladding's Alpha Vci.41 concealed subframing system. The design reflects Missouri’s geological characteristics. Installation of the limestone cladding was performed by Heitkamp Masonry of St. Louis.

Integrating local and recyclable products, the Historical Society wanted a structure that would last for a hundred years. Many efficiencies have been built into the design as they look to achieve LEED Gold status from the USGBC. ECO Cladding's Continuous Insulation (c.i.) compliant Alpha Wall Brackets contribute to both the energy efficiency and sustainability of the building's envelope.

The scalabillity of ECO Cladding's Alpha bracket systems enable an engineered solution that can accomodate the unique properties of limestone as well as any other type of cladding panels.

Temple U Science Education Center – Philadelphia, PA

The Temple University Science Education and Research Center, designed by USA Architects, utilized a Stone Rainscreen with an ECO Cladding subframing attachment system. This remarkable building serves as to model the growing trend in using natural stone for modern rainscreen applications and ECO Cladding's variety of concealed or exposed subframing systems provide the engineered peace-of-mind necessary for natural stone rainscreen assemblies.

Vci Materials

Wall Type: 
Cladding Materials: 
ACM / MCM / Metal Plate
HPL Phenolic
Metal Plate
Attachment Types: 

Available Systems

Alpha Vci System

Alpha Vci System

The Alpha Vci System serves as the Vertical C.I. Subframing system designed to address fire safety, engineering and thermal performance. Based on panel layout, the Alpha Vci System creates an attachment plane for vertical panel layout.  

Alpha Vci.40 System

Alpha Vci.40 System

Panel Subframing system that offers fixing using concealed, undercut anchors for cement composite, ceramic, stone, HPL and fiber concrete panels. The back of each panel is pre-drilled using undercut drill bit to receive the hanger clip and expanding bolt anchor.

Alpha Vci.44 System

Alpha Vci.44 System

Panel Subframing system that offers a versatile horizontal rail with concealed clip. Designed specifically for fiber cement, ceramic, stone, and fiber concrete rainscreen applications. Allows maximum flexibility in panel layout with running-bond patterns possible.

Alpha Hci.20 System

Alpha Hci.20 System

Panel Subframing system that offers visible clip attachment used for anchoring ceramic, porcelain stone or natural stone panels for wall cladding applications. Clips are color matched to the panels for a discreet visible-fastened approach, especially for multiple story construction.