Since the earliest days of our company, we have held a strong commitment to sustainable design practices and have been a proud member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The components of our ECO Cladding engineered rainscreen assemblies demonstrate certain attributes that can assist owners and designers in achieving LEED® certification.

Recycled Content

Our systems are LEED® compliant specific to the Recycled Content of the aluminum components we use and ECO Cladding certifies that our aluminum components incorporate a minimum of 5-32% post-consumer recycled content and 40-80% post-industrial recycled content by weight. The scrap percentages comply with the LEED requirement for recycled content (MR Credits 4.1 and 4.2) and with ISO 14021 “Environmental Labels and Declarations.”

  • Recycled Content – 50 - 75%
  • Post-Industrial Press Scrap – 30 - 70%
  • Post Consumer Scrap – 5 - 20%


In terms of other specific LEED® Advantages:

SS Sustainable Sites

SS_7.1 Heat Island Effect (non-roof) – use of colors with a low Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) or shading devices to reduce heat absorption of exterior materials – 1 point potential

USGBC Credits

MR Materials & Resources

MR_4.1 & MR_4.2 (recycled content, based on % of cost) – up to 2 points depending upon design

EA Energy & Atmosphere

EA _1 (optimization of energy – improve design from 12% to 48%) – from 1 to 19 credits depending upon how much the ECO system contributes to optimizing the overall building performance (1-4 reasonable depending upon primary cladding type)

USGBC Credits
USGBC Credits

IEQ Indoor Environmental Quality

(Thermal Comfort) IEQ_7.1 (design of envelope) & IEQ_7.2 (verification) – up to 2 points

ID Innovation in Design

ID_1 for Carbon Neutral Shipping program – up to 5 points depending upon the extent of our carbon offsetting

USGBC Credits