Alpha V Bracket - Vertical

Alpha V Wall Bracket

Alpha brackets are the building blocks designed to simplify the process of building rainscreen walls of all types including CI Subframing and Panel Subframing.  Alpha V brackets are a part of our vertical mounted system. They come in a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of light and heavy loads. Wind sheer tests have been done to accommodate the most extreme weather conditions. The tight thermal cavity our system provides will help your building save on energy costs for years to come.

Alpha V brackets come in twelve sizes to create various system cavity depths.  Based on various load requirements, the number of fasteners back into the sub-structure will be defined.  V+ brackets allow more fastener points and can be used in combination with Alpha V brackets to address the cladding material’s deadload.

All of our Alpha brackets are extruded with 6063-T6, copper-free and “marine-grade” aluminum. For rainscreen applications, the non-corrosive nature of aluminum makes it a perfect material to use.  Since aluminum is more elastic than steel, it is especially ideal for creating precise parts for deep and straight walls and is efficient to fabricate with most punching and extrusion machines.  Aluminum is the preferred material of curtainwalls and will become the same for subframing systems in North America.

Alpha V Bracket Dimensions

Alpha brackets provide the design community with control and ease in creating wall cavity depths.  Our Alpha V vertical brackets come in standard dimensions of 35mm (1.38”) to 255mm (10.04”) and in two sizes (V and V+).  Use the appropriate bracket size to meet your exterior insulation requirements!  Submit your project to us using our Build Your Project submission process and we can assist!



Alpha V Bracket Adjustability Chart

The Alpha V brackets’ "thumb hold" feature has a +/- 3/4 inch of built-in adjustability to accommodate out of plumb conditions found in the field. This allows for a more rapid set of materials and an easier install without the use of plastic shims.

Aluminum Advantage

Non Corrosive Material

A drained and back ventilated rainscreen is a damp and dynamic environment which requires the highest quality materials. Our aluminum is a 6063 T6 architectural grade product which provides a level of corrosion resistance that is superior to other rainscreen attachment metals such as galvanized steel or galvalume. This is especially important for open jointed systems that can allow moisture flow into the ventilated cavity. 

The use of 6063-T6 aluminum meets or exceeds ASTM B221, AMS 4156 and ASME SB-221 standards. And our finishes meet or exceed AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 specifications.


Lifetime Material Consistency

Aluminum does not become brittle over time like fiber-glass or plastic products.  For the life of the building, Alpha brackets have the aluminum advantage.


Better Spanning Distances

ECO Cladding’s engineered solutions allow maximum spanning capability, while simultaneously addressing dead load, wind load, seismic concerns, thermal requirements, and material deflection.

Recycled Content

Alpha brackets use 75% post-consumer recycled content, making it the environmental choice.

Bracket Design Benefits

Fixed and Sliding Points

The Alpha bracket fixed point carries the deadloads and windloads to the load-bearing wall. The connection between the wall bracket and profile is fastened immovable in the “round hole”.  The connection between the Alpha bracket sliding point and the profile is designed for thermal linear expansion and contraction. For a sliding point, only wind pressure loads are carried to the load-bearing wall.

Thumb Hold Feature

Two advantages in one!  Alpha brackets give installers an “extra hand” while they get the wall level and plumb and the “thumb-hold” feature of our brackets allows the system to have a +/- 3/4” adjustment without the need for external shims. The thumb hold design feature creates a huge labor savings.

Bracket Sizes

Shallow or deep, Alpha brackets can accommodate your building’s cavity depth.  Alpha V brackets are available in 12 sizes to accommodate depths of 1.38” to 10.04”.  Alpha H brackets are available in 8 sizes to accommodate depths of 1.38” to 9.25”

Engineered System

ECO Cladding is committed to providing a fully-engineered system (both C.I. Subframing and Panel Subframing) in which the entire wall is engineered to accommodate project wind loads, seismic loads, building slab-to-slab deflections and thermal movements of materials.

Cost Effective

Fewer Holes in Air Vapor Barrier

Alpha brackets maximize the distance between attachment points on the walls, creating fewer penetrations through the continuous insulation (c.i.) plane and into the weather protective membrane, thereby reducing opportunities for air and water leakage. In addition, Alpha brackets are detailed so that they create a seal between the bracket and membrane. 

The Cost-Effective SubFraming!

Alpha brackets are easy to install and are more cost-effective in labor man-hours, allowing materials to be rapidly set even when backup walls are not plumb or true. Since Alpha brackets have better spanning distances compared to competitors, labor time can be cut in half.

In Stock / Short Lead Times!

Time is money.  ECO Cladding stocks Alpha brackets, profiles and accessories ready to ship for your project.  Our in-house technical team can get your project moving forward quickly.

25 Years of Rainscreen Experience

The team at ECO Cladding has over 25 years of USA-based technical expertise, industry relationships, and real-life experience.  With the completion of hundreds of rainscreen installations across the USA, and with a variety of products, we are here to serve you. 

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