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Engineered. Compliant. Optimized.

We all know that one size rarely fits all. The project-specific requirements for each rainscreen application and substructure system can vary greatly based on a host of factors such as local wind loads, building height, backup wall condition, cladding material properties and thermal climate zone. As a result, we like to get involved early on in the design process. All ECO Cladding systems can be engineered to project-specific requirements.

Let our expertise work for you. Take the guesswork regarding system selection and design by completing and submitting your project to us for a technical review. Simply detail your proposed cladding and attachment system requirements and include supporting elevations and plan drawings. Our technical design team will have a review and can provide a custom-tailored substructure solution that includes budget cost per square foot, windload and deadload calculations and assistance with the optimized bracket and rail component layouts.

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Connections at brackets, profiles and panel fasteners are engineered to limit panel stresses associated with thermal movements.


Our bracket based systems are designed to meet or exceed the thermal perfomance requirements of
ASHRAE 90.1.


Our approach allows fewer penetrations through the Continuous Insulation plane & the weather protective membrane.

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