Rainscreen Technology and Healthy Habits: A Perfect Match for 2024

ECO Cladding Vci 40 Subframing System Michael Jordan's Grove XXIII private Clubhouse in Hobe Sound, FL

January... the month of new beginnings and fresh starts is the ideal time to rethink and prioritize our health. But let's not limit our focus to just our bodies and minds. The health of our built environment also plays a significant role in our overall well-being. That's why it's crucial to pay attention to the vitality of a building's envelope as you design!

Over time, with many wall construction approaches, moisture has a propensity to seep past the exterior wall water-resistant barrier (WRB), leading to various issues like mold growth and degradation of materials and structures. However, there's a solution to prevent these problems: rainscreen technology. Rainscreen wall design's innovative approach not only stops the deterioration of interior finishes but also helps prevent mold, promotes indoor air quality, reduces maintenance, minimizes corrosion of building materials, and increases the longevity of the wall system.

Don't just take our word for it! Check out this informative presentation on the impact of moisture in multi-family residential applications from the Rainscreen Association in North America (RAiNA), here. As proud members of RAiNA, we are committed fully to helping support best-in-class performance for rainscreen assemblies and recognize the huge advantages for buildings that adopt this 'wall that breathes' technology over the lifetime of the structure. According to a recent EPA study highlighted in this case study, a survey of 100 buildings found that 85% of the buildings were damaged by moisture and 45% currently had leaks. Trapped moisture can be a huge issue impacting the health and safety of all who live, work, and frequent these structures.

Furthermore, we take pride in our engineered rainscreen systems that are designed to be high load-bearing and engineered to meet and exceed some of the most challenging wind load requirements. Just take a look at the stunning natural stone facade that was incorporated into Michael Jordan's Grove XXIII private Clubhouse in Hobe Sound, FL. We can only imagine the great round of golf he has already enjoyed there. This project is a testament to the strength, durability, and high load performance of our systems.

So, as we embark on the journey of 2024, let's not only focus on adopting fresh and healthy habits but also have the confidence to enjoy quality time in buildings that are weather-tight and visually appealing. Who knows, maybe with enough practice, we might even get the opportunity to swing the golf club with the Champion himself!

From the perspective of our Senior Estimator, Hannah Feeley, who now dreams of playing golf with Michael Jordan at his private Clubhouse, knowing that she played a part in providing the Alpha Vci.40 System behind that stunning stone, the future looks exciting. As the year unfolds, let's continue to prioritize our health and create spaces that support our well-being.

Here's to a year of healthy habits, remarkable buildings, and unforgettable experiences. May we all strive for improvement, knowing that practice brings us closer to the win. Cheers to a fantastic 2024!

*Images courtesy of Nichols Architects

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