ECO Cladding Grove XXIII Clubhouse Home Sound, FL

Grove XXIII Clubhouse - Hobe Sound, FL

Designed by Nichols Architects, Grove XXIII is a private golf course located in Hobe Sound, FL. The Clubhouse is located at the center of a private golf club – specifically designed for the owner’s style and speed of play. The design concept for the Clubhouse was born from movement: the swing of a golf club.

Carbon fiber panels, local natural stone cladding, glass frit patterns, and metal detailing are all part of the building's contemporary exterior. ECO Cladding's Vci.40 subframing system was utilized for the stone rainscreen facade, as an engineered c.i. focused subframing system was essential for this energy-efficient design. The ability for the Vci.40's concealed anchoring system to meet the dead load requirements of the natural stone panels was also a key factor in the installation.

Nichols Architects
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