ECO Cladding Fiber Cement Swisspearl Reflex Rainscreen Hci.10 Cladding System

James L McGuire Elementary School - North Providence, RI

SLAM Collaborative - CT has designed another eye-catching rainscreen design with the new James L. McGuire Elementary School. Continuing their history of using Swisspearl fiber cement panels, SLAM was the first project in the USA to incorporate the new Swisspearl Reflex Dark Silver metallic color. One of the strengths of the Reflex Dark Silver metallic color from Swisspearl is the ability to be fabricated into unique shapes, and what better location for a fun, creative design than an elementary school.

The design team utilized an Alpha Hci.10 face-fastened subframing system with two different bracket lengths to accommodate the innovative design and variations in cavity depth. With this project, all involved parties rose to the challenge of this innovative design, with SLAM leading the charge with developing these eye-catching details.

SLAM Collaborative - CT
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