ECO Cladding ACM & Vci.27 Subframing cladding system

University of Washington Center for Computer Science & Engineering - Seattle, WA

Students at the University of Washington have a new space to learn and grow their skills for the 21st century. Named in honor of Bill & Melinda Gates, this newest addition to the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering is a dynamic hub for technology education, development and innovation. Designed by Seattle-based LMN LMN Architects the building features expansive windows and black ACM metal panels interspersed with the warm qualities of the vertically-oriented terracotta cladding. The project was constructed by Mortenson and Axiom Construction & Consulting performed the installation of the terracotta and ACM cladding in varying cavity depths using ECO Cladding’s subframing systems. The ACM panels were installed using an Alpha Vci.27 subframing system

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LMN Architects
Cladding Materials: