ECO Cladding ACM & Hci.11 Subframing cladding system

Altria Headquarters - Richmond, VA

BHDP Architecture is known for its designs for workplace, retail, higher education, science and industrial organizations worldwide. The new Altria Headquarters incorporated an exterior ACM panel facade with an ECO Cladding Hci.11 subframing system. As the primary building block, the Horizontal C.I. (Hci) subframing system addresses fire safety, engineering, and thermal performance requirements of this corporate headquarters . 
ECO Cladding systems for ACM panels continue to gain increasing market share with North America’s top ACM fabricators.  Our horizontally-oriented Hci.11 “CI Subframing” pairs seamlessly with any fabricator’s ACM panel to create a high-performance solution for the long-term.

BHDP Architecture
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