ECO Cladding Vci.10 and Hci.11 Subframing System

University of Texas Behavioral Sciences Center - Houston, TX

Using ECO Cladding’s Alpha Wall Brackets, the uniquely inset and fabricated fiber cement feature was installed at angles that could only be accomplished using a variable-depth bracket assembly. Designed by Perkins&Will, the new 220,000 square feet Behavioral Sciences Center will bring behavioral health close to home for the Greater Houston area. From an exterior facade perspective, the project incorporates large-format, through-colored architectural fiber cement panels by Swisspearl, fabricated like puzzle pieces to create visual detailing to offset the brick expanses along the elevations. Both Alpha V and Alpha H wall brackets were incorporated into the design, forming the building blocks for the Vci.10 and Hci.11 systems.

Cladding Materials: