ECO Cladding Terra5 Terracotta Rainscreen Vci.45 Cladding System

Story County Medical Center - Nevada, IA

Invision Architecture of Des Moines designed the expansion of the Story County Medical Center - Outpatient Unit. This impressive design portrays a sense of peace and tranquility articulated in the exterior facade design.  

The building blends together wood, Terra5 terracotta panels with a Vci.45 subframing system, lighting, glass, and complementary landscaping. From the front entrance to the waiting area and patient rooms - the building's striking terracotta rainscreen cladding facade and Alpha Vci.10 exposed fasten concrete reflects a clean and professional atmosphere.  The choice of white terracotta allows the back of the building to have a simple statement, while visitors' eyes are drawn to the front entrance. The crisp white is then echoed throughout the interior, allowing the exterior to also serve as an interior design function.

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Invision Architecture
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