ECO Cladding Fiber Cement Rainscreen Hci.10 Cladding System

Staff Sergeant James Hill Elementary School - Revere, MA

Drummey Rosane Anderson (DRA) designed the new Staff Sergeant James Hill Elementary School with transparency and materiality to connect it with its surroundings and establish a benchmark for downtown Revere urban renewal. The design features large glass expanses that serve to have interior areas experienced at the exterior streetscape as well as to connect interior spaces to favorable exterior views. The building has accent areas of glass detailed with Swisspearl fiber cement cladding which are used both to organize the elevation and to express special program areas on the interior of the building. A Hci.10 subframing was incorporated into the facade. 

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Drummey Rosane Anderson (DRA)
Cladding Materials: 
System or Bracket: