ECO Cladding for ACM Panels and Vci.10 Subframing attachment System

Science Museum of Minnesota - St Paul, MN

For this $26M Building Preservation Project, Pie Consulting & Engineering was selected to evaluate the Science Museum of Minnesota’s exterior façade and roof systems for the premier science education center and tourist attraction for the region. Using state-of-the-art technology, including infrared thermography, thermal modeling, pressurization diagnostics, and application of building science principles, Pie’s evaluation determined the appropriate scope of repairs within the Building Preservation Project. Pie also served as the designer of record for the façade work, working to provide the museum with a fresh and dynamic appearance while maintaining the integrity of the original design intent. ECO Cladding’s Vci.10 adjustable subframing system was selected as the subframing system for the ACM cladding. The 1.5” of adjustability allowed the installation to adapt to the demands of the reclad, while also addressing the thermal properties of the building.

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Pie Consulting & Engineering
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