ECO Cladding Fiber Cement Rainscreen Vci.44 Cladding System

Roche Diagnostics - Fishers, IN

Roche Diagnostics campus building in Fishers, Indiana is predominately clad in white ACM panels. But, like all designers, Cannon Design needed to anchor the building with another material. Swisspearl®'s black panels was the panel chosen to address lower, high traffic areas. The base of the building and it's loading dock area, allowed this simple but wise selection of Swisspearl fiber cement panels and an Alpha Vci.44 concealed attachment cladding system to do the job. This proved to be the perfect compliment to the white ACM panels. All of these facades are surrounded by beautiful landscaping that brings the campus together and inspires the Roche staff to achieve even greater accomplishments. Cannon Design has truly added a gem to Fisher and this northern suburb of Indianapolis is becoming a residential and business magnet. 

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Cannon Design
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