ECO Cladding Porcelain Ceramic Rainscreen Hci.20 Hci.14 Cladding System

Quakertown High School - Quakertown, PA

For this high-performance high school expansion and renovation project, ECO Cladding partnered with The Architectural Studio and Skepton Construction.

Designed with energy-efficient wall design in mind, the new campus is setting a the standard in the Northeast for high-performance building exteriors for K-12 education.

Completed in early 2015, Cladding Corp provided a Ceramic5 rainscreen solution with the PETRA "Mountains" Collection porcelain ceramic panels installed using ECO Cladding's Alpha Hci.20 engineered rainscreen subframing system. Swisspearl's (Eternit Auria C) fiber cement lap siding provides a bold complement to the Ceramic5 panels. The fiber cement siding is supported with ECO Cladding's Alpha Hci.14 System. The Architectural Studio's modern design for the school's facade was installed by CHM Contracting.

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CHM Contracting
The Architectural Studio and Skepton Construction
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