ECO Cladding Fiber Cement Rainscreen Cladding Vci.40 System

Northeastern University South Campus Pedestrian Bridge - Boston, MA

Designed by Payette, the Northeastern University Pedestrian Bridge intends to connect the main campus with the expanding Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex. One of Payette’s design requirements was to incorporate facade materials that would require minimal maintenance. Instead of employing the conventional ‘curl-over’ guard rail fencing typical on bridges that cross railways, the new bridge’s steel panels angle outward and grow in height to attain the necessary protection over the catenary wires.
The bridge’s Swisspearl fiber cement panels are set to be installed using our Alpha Vci.40 concealed aluminum subframing system.

For a project feature by the architect click here.

Cladding Materials: 
System or Bracket: