ECO Cladding Fiber Cement Rainscreen Cladding Vci.40 System

Marriott AC Hotel - Bridgewater, NJ

BASE4 Architects designed the new Marriott AC Hotel with a Swisspearl fiber cement rainscreen facade and a thermally-broken ECO Cladding Vci.40 sub-framing system. For this modern hotel chain, Swisspearl’s Avera and Carat series were selected to provide a high-quality, maintenance-free exterior façade. For the panel subframing, the adjustable Vci Alpha brackets are thermally broken and create an engineered wall solution. 

ECO Cladding provides fully-engineered system-based solutions, in which both cladding and substructure are engineered to accommodate project wind loads, seismic loads, building slab to slab deflections, and thermal movements of materials. The 1.5” adjustability of the Alpha Vci bracketed system allowed for a fast and worry-free installation.

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