ECO Cladding ACM Panels & Vci.150 Wall Brackets

Fairfield Library - Henrico, VA

The new 44,000sf Fairfield Area Library is a community focal point, a center for learning and opportunity. The design involves a collaboration of Tappè Architects and Quinn Evans Architects. Several neighborhood factors were considered in order to generate a design that supports the unique needs and desires of the community. The center is aimed to teach life skills and family connectedness – ideals the community agreed were important to elevate. 

ECO Cladding provided 400 Vci.150 wall brackets for the ACM Panel installation. Alpha Wall Brackets allow for fewer penetrations into the air barrier. All manufacturers of air barriers agree, fewer holes in the barrier guarantee a better performing solution for the building. This approach offers a more thermally efficient wall design and is compliant with continuous insulation requirements.

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Images by Tzu Chen Photography



Tappè Arcitects & Quinn Evans Architects
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