ECO Cladding Fiber Cement Rainscreen HZ.10 Cladding System

DC International School - Washington, DC

An academic renovation and addition project, the DC International School design was envisioned by renowned Perkins-Eastman.

ECO Cladding provided a high-performing, engineered subframing for the Swisspearl® fiber cement cladding on this renovation. This school's contemporary addition boasts a pristine facade clad with the subtle tones of Swisspearl® REFLEX Champagne fiber cement rainscreen cladding.

Completed in 2018, this installation by CHU Contracting showcases the sheer beauty of Swisspearl® panels in a horizontal running bond attached with ECO Cladding's Alpha HZ.10 engineered subframing system.

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CHU Contracting
Cladding Materials: