ECO Cladding Terra5 Terracotta Rainscreen V0.45 Subframing Cladding System

9 East Mount Royal Apartments - Baltimore, MD

Waldon Studio Architects provided full architectural and engineering services for the Nine East Mount Royal Apartments. A distinctive feature of the exterior design is the use of Terra5 terracotta rainscreen panels on the front facade. The terracotta material wraps the front corners of the building and extends approximately 2 feet back along the side walls, before interfacing with full-height, vertical glass corner elements. On the top floor, the terracotta extends along the side walls approximately 20 feet beyond the front plane of the building, highlighting the amenity spaces on that level. A V0.45 non-adjustable attachment system was used which included horizontal rails and clips with black anodized joint profiles and tek screws to attach components. A Cinder color tile in 18mm thickness was used and the horizontal panels were 300mm high by 1220mm long (or 1’x4’) with a smooth finish.

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