ECO Cladding Hci.11 Subframing attachment System

25 Park Row - New York, NY

Designed by COOKFOX Architects , 25 Park Row sits on the southeastern border of City Hall Park, across from the iconic 1913 Woolworth Building. City Hall Park has a long history as a civic gathering space. The city has grown substantially around it, creating a green urban space walled-in with a historical tapestry of architecture. With inspiration taken from the surrounding historical architecture, the design vision for 25 Park Row was to ultimately provide a unique and model building representing a true example of beautiful biophilic design. An ECO Cladding Hci.11 subframing system was utilized with for installing the ACM metal panels for this dramatic high-rise facade. Referencing the classic skyscraper setbacks of the 1930s, Park Row’s terraces cascade from the penthouse levels down to the traditional streetwall facade, softening its massing on the skyline and integrating its form into the historical context of the neighboring buildings.

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COOKFOX Architects
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