ECO Cladding Swisspearl Reflex and Hci.10 Subframing Cladding System

238 Linden Avenue - Ithaca, NY

For this apartment building located within a brief walk from Cornell University, Ikon 5 Architects selected the high-quality Swisspearl fiber cement rainscreen facade panels and paired them with a thermally broken ECO Cladding Hci.10 subframing system. The project is a block away from the University and the growing demand for housing has created many opportunities for owners to make improvements around town. The facade incorporates four different Swisspearl colors including three metallic Reflex colors. The thermally broken Hci.10 subframing system was selected since the Alpha wall brackets allow for fewer penetrations into the air barrier. This approach offers a more thermally efficient wall design and is compliant with continuous insulation requirements. College housing... taken to a whole new level!


Ikon 5 Architects
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